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GOXYCLUB is the official distributor of GOXY in Russia. We interviewed our client for several times to get the best design for this project.

Main Advantages

We love creating something unique and original, and we love the challenges that come with it – there’s nothing more satisfying than finding the solution to a project that has plagued — and ultimately defeated — the minds of other developers. We have the knowhow and the industry experience, and we love applying that knowledge to interesting, exciting projects. We aim to help our clients achieve their aims in the best way possible, and, more than simply “finishing” a project and firing out into the wide world, we are available continue to develop and support that project throughout its lifecycle. We conduct analysis and evaluation on every App’s usability, and on top of our ability to develop complex interface solutions and products, we are greatly experienced in creating a design that appeals to peoples’ emotions, not just their pockets.

  • Individualized
  • Difficult & Unusual
  • Step–by–Step
  • Support & Evolution

Our Technologies

We specialize in websites and mobile applications.

We are able to produce and design sites based on Response or Adaptive Design, and our sites are able to transition from browser to mobile flawlessly. Our front end development is second to none, and means our sites excel no matter the environment. Even at the stage of conception, we design our sites based on our own adaptive algorithm, perfect for displaying complex interface elements on mobile. Our server side architecture is based on WordPress, MODx, OpenCart, and many others. Constantly updated to keep up with modern security trends, we ensure your site will never fall behind — and always protect your vital information. We can also create our own solutions using the Yii framework.

Depending on your desires, your needs, your ideas, and your budget, we can come up with the best and most efficient development path to suit your needs. Whether it’s a simple App created using the WebApp framework – a full-screen browser that imitates a native application — or whether it’s based on PhoneGap — an affordable cross-platform solution — we have the skills needed to suit all development needs. For those more unique and complex Apps, we have experience in developing original, native applications for both iOS and Android.

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