We had researched a lot of subject information before we began to work. We interviewed our client for several times to get the best design for this project.

GOXYCLUB is the official distributor of GOXY in Russia. GOXY is an amazing mix of grape, red orange, and strawberry juices combined with unique goji juice.

the 1st attempt

The first attempt was not very successful. We did not find the right style and mood. But we didn’t give up!

The client was satisfied with our initial work. But we were not. Those images were sent directly to the trash can. Our next attempt started with a new research of subject info.

Some promo
Full responsive

After processing the information, we decided to make an informative site to show that the product was covered by media, and that famous people gave positive feedback on it. We also decided that a promo block would be a separate section and (if necessary) be a story in pictures about the history of goji berries and their relation to the company products.

promo area instructions for use star reviews press publications partners, distributors basic properties special offer or contest company news call to action

We found a concept that satisfied both our client and us. We created design for all the necessary pages. While we were working on this project, responsive sites began to appear. We decided to step forward. Now the client had the opportunity to be on trend. This increased the site advertising conversion rate. And it was our first responsive design.

order form

At first the client had planned to sell 4 types of products: one bottle of Goxy, box with beverages (4 units), one blister of berries, and a package of berries. We provided two more positions in the order form. Some time after the site had been launched, the client changed the range of items, and thus the order page was redesigned - shopping cart and a large list of items were added.

The order form is adaptive and convenient for all graphics display resolutions. All additional elements of navigation on page have been intentionally removed so as not to distract the user from completing the order.

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